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Table of Contents

Chapter: Welcome to HTML

Web Development Technologies

05m 19s

Creating a basic HTML document

06m 26s

Basic HTML 4.01 document structure

08m 30s

Basic HTML5 document structure

01m 50s

Using Comments in HTML

04m 59s

HTML Head Elements

04m 13s

Chapter: Text Markup

Text Markup

10m 3s

Div and Span Tags

05m 17s

HTML5 Text Markup Tags

08m 27s

Selecting Text Color, Font and Font Size

20m 17s

Text Alignment, Decoration, Indentation and Text

05m 38s

Chapter: Working with Lists

Ordered Lists

03m 16s

Unordered Lists

02m 44s

CSS for Lists

04m 45s

Chapter: Creating HTML Links

Creating Internal and External Links

11m 4s

Creating Anchors

07m 38s

Styling Links with CSS Pseudo-Classes

03m 5s

Chapter: Working with Images and Media

Displaying images, creating image links and image styling with CSS

08m 18s

HTML5 Audio Embeds

05m 4s

HTML5 Video Embeds

03m 27s

Chapter: HTML Tables

Creating HTML Tables

06m 37s

Styling Tables with CSS

12m 23s

Chapter: HTML Forms

Creating Text Form Elements

08m 38s

Creating radio buttons and checkbox elements

08m 58s

New HTML5 Form Elements

09m 39s

Creating Multi-Select Elements

06m 9s

Chapter: Understanding the CSS Box Model

Understanding the Content Box Model

02m 19s

Working with Margins, Padding and Borders

11m 40s

Chapter: CSS Based Page Layout

Inline vs. Block Level Elements and Positioning Divs

09m 19s

Float and Clear

13m 18s

Creating a CSS Navigation Bar

09m 52s