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Table of Contents

Chapter: Course Introduction

Course Introduction

02m 42s

Course Preparation

00m 48s

Chapter: A Tour of the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE)


01m 55s

What is an IDE, and what is it used for?

07m 50s

What is Visual Studio?

08m 42s

Project Types supported in VS

04m 14s

The Solution Explorer

04m 54s

The Properties Window

08m 13s

The Toolbox

08m 1s


00m 58s

Chapter: The Visual Studio IDE in Action


01m 40s

Winforms, WPF, and Web Projects

08m 45s

IDE interaction with Projects

06m 25s

Running your Project while building

07m 26s

Methods, Functions and Routines

10m 52s


05m 54s

Calling other Project Components

07m 11s


01m 18s

Chapter: Using the Visual Studio IDE to connect to data


00m 43s

Data Connections in Visual Studio

05m 7s

Simple SQL Server Database

07m 55s

Tables in SQL Server

09m 27s

Stored Procedures

07m 2s

Getting SQL Data into my Project

08m 53s

Other Data Sources

06m 46s


00m 58s

Chapter: A Starting Primer for the C# Programming Language


00m 57s

C# versus Visual Basic

10m 30s

Programming Structures in C#

08m 59s

Writing Good Code

07m 26s

Basic Coding Techniques, Part 1

06m 32s

Basic Coding Techniques, Part 2

09m 36s

Applying what we've learned

06m 16s


01m 15s

Chapter: Starting a Winforms Project


01m 37s

Winforms versus ASP Web Pages

07m 59s

Opening and Exploring our Project

10m 24s

Visual Studio Objects, Part 1

12m 8s

Visual Studio Objects, Part 2

12m 53s

Visual Studio Objects, Part 3

11m 9s

Writing Clean Organized Forms

09m 26s


00m 59s

Chapter: Making your Winforms Project become a usable software application


00m 29s

Naming Conventions

10m 15s


07m 53s

Building Project Components

08m 2s

The Inevitable "Gotcha's"

10m 15s

Building your Application

10m 14s


08m 26s


01m 17s

Chapter: A Web Development with Visual Studio Primer


01m 1s

Revisiting Winforms versus Web Forms

10m 41s

Form Controls, Custom Controls & A Microsoft Office Project

13m 45s

ASP.NET Development, Part 1

07m 30s

ASP.NET Development, Part 2

10m 25s

Starting an ASP.NET Web site

07m 32s

Project Layout in ASP Web Development

09m 33s


00m 56s

Chapter: Creating a Working Web site with Visual Studio


00m 48s

Revisiting Winforms

10m 53s

Revisiting Winforms versus Web Forms

07m 26s


10m 20s

Tapping into our Data

05m 21s

How a Web Form is different

06m 8s

How to Build and Publish our Web

07m 1s


00m 50s

Course Summary

02m 15s