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Table of Contents

Chapter: Thinking Like a Game Developer


00m 52s

Your First Game Loop

09m 46s

A Simple Game Loop

10m 2s

Understanding Frame Rates

10m 32s

Section Summary

00m 53s

Chapter: Graphics to Sprites


00m 45s


07m 38s

Working with Images

09m 44s

Image Processing

08m 59s

Managing Game Assets

16m 17s

Section Summary

00m 31s

Chapter: Physics and Collision Detection


00m 50s

Simple Game Physics

08m 5s

Player Input

14m 26s

Thrust and Damping

12m 54s

Collision Detection

06m 42s

Section Summary

00m 36s

Chapter: Exploring Event Logic


01m 7s

Game Object Logic

14m 54s

Game Event Logic

10m 0s

Delaying Game Events

10m 38s

Section Summary

00m 50s

Chapter: Adding Enemies


00m 48s

Simple Enemy AI

16m 36s

More Enemy AI

11m 14s

Game Progression Logic

16m 43s

Section Summary

00m 33s

Chapter: Quickly Bringing a Game Together


00m 42s


13m 54s

Implementing Scores

13m 33s

Adding Sound

07m 29s

Section Summary

00m 32s