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Table of Contents

Chapter: Your First Program

Where to get the IDE

02m 52s

Creating a Project

05m 42s

Debugging a Program

08m 24s

Examining the Build Log

09m 13s

Running a program

07m 34s

Chapter: Variables and Assignments

Variables and identifiers

13m 0s

Simple Data Type: bool

05m 38s

Simple Data Type: char

09m 48s

Simple Data Type: int

08m 33s

Chapter: Errors and Data Types

Outputting Errors

05m 9s

Long and Short Data Types

14m 37s


11m 56s

Formatting Output

15m 27s

Input from STDIN

06m 0s

Chapter: Operators and Precedence

Understanding Comments: Useful VS Redundant

04m 0s

Meaningful Variable Names VS Cryptic

03m 46s

Assignment, Operators

09m 7s

Comparators and Logical Operators

17m 13s


09m 7s

Chapter: Decision Making and Program Flow

The "if", "else if", and "else" Statements

13m 0s

The "case" Statement

08m 14s

Ternary Statements

06m 16s

The "Do While" Loop

10m 54s

The "For" Loop

08m 0s

Chapter: Arrays


13m 18s

Iterating Through Arrays

03m 40s

Multi-Dimensional Arrays

13m 31s


07m 18s

Chapter: Binary Operations

Binary Theory

25m 39s

Truth Tables

11m 5s

Bitwise Operators

10m 28s

Chapter: Program Structure

Function Structure

06m 53s

Header Files, Includes, and Multiple Files

08m 2s

Program Entry Point and Namespaces

08m 21s

Chapter: STL Strings

Creating a String

18m 16s

String Operators

17m 24s

String Manipulation

10m 58s

Chapter: Classes and Objects

Objects and Inheritance

05m 51s

Classes, Objects, Methods & Properties

13m 59s

Encapsulation, Part 1

24m 25s

Encapsulation, Part 2

12m 22s

Access Modifiers and Overrides

07m 56s

Chapter: Input, Process and Output

Introduction to Vectors

09m 5s

How to Read Text Files

07m 33s

Bubble Sort

07m 9s

How to Write Text Files

08m 52s