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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

How to Install the Git Tool

08m 44s

Verifying that Git is Installed

02m 57s

The Config Command

04m 34s

The Init Command

03m 19s

The Commit Command

11m 19s

The Diff Command

04m 39s

The Log Command

04m 40s

Chapter: Git Filesystem Interaction

Removing Files

04m 48s

The Status Command

03m 8s

How to Run the Stash Command

05m 34s

The Reset Command

04m 5s

Chapter: Working with Git Branches

How To Create Branches

03m 2s

Showing and Verifying Branches

03m 52s

Delete Branches

03m 27s

The Merge Command

06m 9s

Chapter: Github Setup

How to Create a Github Account

03m 40s

Navigate the Github UI

06m 19s

Modify Your Account Settings

06m 41s

How Notifications are sent within Github

04m 47s

Searching the Github UI

05m 46s

Chapter: Network and Remote Setup

Creating a Repository

05m 22s

How to Fork a Repository

04m 7s

Cloning a Fork

05m 31s

Using Remotes

04m 34s

How to Delete a Repository

04m 10s

Chapter: Pushing and Pulling

Publish Commit History with Push

06m 18s

How to Perform Pull Requests

10m 23s

Merging Pull Requests in a Repository

03m 55s

How to Transfer a Repository

05m 24s

Chapter: Socialize with Github

How to Follow Friends

04m 8s

How to Watch a Project

04m 17s

How to Create Issues to be Worked on for a Particular Project

03m 19s

Organizations Associated with Github

03m 7s

How to Change Your Avatar

04m 16s