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Table of Contents

Chapter: Intro to Node.js

Getting Started

05m 6s

Creating Command Lines

22m 41s

Using Existing Code in Node.js

07m 40s

Sharing Functions Between Files

04m 57s

Chapter: Web Servers

Requests and Responses

12m 29s

Mapping Requests

13m 36s


11m 35s

Dynamic Web Applications

25m 27s

Embedded Javascript (EJS)

13m 3s

Chapter: MongoDB

Using MongoDB

12m 39s

Express App Interfacing with MongoDB

17m 2s

MongoDB's ORM, Mongoose

20m 32s

Subdocuments & References

27m 49s

Chapter: Authentication and Security

Request Middleware

09m 9s

Basic Authentication Systems

05m 51s

Express Sessions

06m 53s


13m 23s

Chapter: Real Time

Overview of real-time technology landscape

05m 18s

Socket IO

07m 50s

Chapter: Deployment with Heroku

Intro to Heroku

05m 27s

Deploying an App on Heroku

16m 18s

Environment Configuration

09m 37s

Logging in Production

07m 32s