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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

Acquiring the Tools

13m 7s

Hello World in Python

03m 49s

Chapter: The Basics

Getting Started with Variables

06m 2s

Data Types

25m 31s

Arithmetic Operations

04m 33s

Understanding the Order of Operators

04m 40s


03m 52s

Variables Scope

05m 51s

Chapter: Conditionals

If Statements

09m 10s

Else Statements

01m 31s

Elif Statements

02m 59s

Switch Statements Workaround

03m 46s

Inline If

03m 14s

Chapter: Looping

While Loops

03m 22s

For Loops

04m 29s

Try, Except, Finally

04m 40s

Break, Continue and Else

03m 0s

Chapter: Lists

A Closer Look at Lists

05m 57s

Modifying Lists

08m 20s

Sorting Lists

01m 59s

Chapter: Receiving Inputs

Press Any Key To Continue

03m 24s

Data Input

04m 47s

Chapter: Predefined String Functions

Using Strings as Object

04m 30s

Splitting and Joining Strings

04m 20s

Chapter: Custom Functions

Syntax Overview

04m 43s

More on Parameters

05m 48s

More on Returns

04m 5s

Chapter: Classes

Overview of Classes and Objects

04m 49s

Using 'Class'

04m 54s

Using Methods

06m 35s

Use Object Data

08m 52s


07m 6s

Chapter: File Handling

Opening Files

02m 47s

Reading and Writing Text Files

09m 57s

Reading and Writing Binary Files

07m 1s

Chapter: Handling

Creating a Database

04m 50s

Insert and Update Records

06m 14s

Retrieve and Delete Records

08m 29s

Chapter: Modules

Using Standard Libraries

07m 57s

Creating a Module

02m 7s

Chapter: Debugging

Dealing with Syntax Errors

03m 51s

Dealing with Errors at Runtime

02m 42s