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Table of Contents

Chapter: Advanced Function Techniques

Function Closures

12m 9s

Understanding Variable Scope

07m 32s

Functions as Objects

11m 46s

Variable Length Object Lists

06m 36s

Event Propagation and Bubbling

08m 42s

Chapter: Objects

Creating Objects

06m 25s

Object Properties

06m 7s

Object Attributes

02m 10s


04m 45s

Deleting Attributes

03m 58s

Chapter: Arrays

Creating Arrays

02m 58s

How to Read and Write Arrays

04m 43s

How to Iterate Through Arrays

03m 5s

Array Methods

14m 30s

Chapter: Classes and Modules

Classes and Prototypes

08m 26s

Defining Your Own Classes

04m 30s


05m 48s

Chapter: DOM Overview

How to Inject HTML into the DOM

11m 40s

Cloning Elements in the DOM

06m 12s

Removing Elements in the DOM

03m 31s

Chapter: XML Overview

Parsing and Displaying XML

08m 36s

XML Attributes

03m 29s

Adding Elements to an XML Tree

03m 45s

How to Delete Elements from an XML Tree

04m 19s

Modifying Elements to XML Tree

02m 12s

Chapter: Regular Expressions

How to Define Your Own regular Expressions

06m 54s

String Methods for Pattern Matching

02m 20s

The Regexp Object

07m 33s

Chapter: Window Object

Window Object Methods

06m 8s

The Location Object

03m 22s

The History Object

03m 52s


03m 29s

Chapter: What is AJAX?

Ajax’ified’ Web Sites

04m 10s

Dynamic content placement

06m 57s

The XMLHTTP Request Object

09m 8s

Making AJAX Requests

08m 42s

Parameterized AJAX Requests

13m 58s

Chapter: AJAX and XML

Receiving XML Data

07m 52s

Displaying XML Data in a Table

11m 47s

Manipulating XML Data in the DOM

15m 59s

Chapter: AJAX and JSON

What is JSON?

09m 40s

Displaying JSON Data

11m 22s

Building a JSON Object for Server Consumption

20m 41s

Chapter: XSLT

Creating an XSLT Stylesheet

09m 53s

XSLT Elements

08m 47s

Chapter: AJAX with the jQuery Framework

Using AJAX with jQuery

08m 22s

Using AJAX with JSON

07m 10s

Chapter: AJAX and PHP

Using PHP with XML Data

17m 53s

Using PHP with JSON Data

05m 24s

Chapter: Welcome to CSS

What is CSS?

05m 38s

Modifying Hello World

08m 57s

CSS Selectors

14m 2s

The 3 Ways to Deploy CSS

07m 2s

Introducing CSS3

06m 34s

Chapter: Styling Specific Elements

Styling Text Elements

16m 22s

Styling Tables and Lists

09m 39s

Styling Backgrounds

09m 13s

The Sliding-Door Technique (Making a CSS Button)

11m 56s

Sprite Sheets and Images

08m 8s

Creating a Drop-Down Menu with CSS

10m 23s

Chapter: The Box Model

Introduction to the Box Model

10m 1s

The Content Area

10m 27s

Border and Outline Styling

12m 22s

Working with Margins and Padding

11m 8s

Chapter: Animations with CSS3

CSS3 Transforms

24m 31s

CSS3 Transitions

15m 40s

CSS3 Animation

18m 27s

Chapter: Putting Together Elements

The Display Property

09m 47s

In-Depth CSS Positioning

10m 6s

Floating Elements

15m 5s

Chapter: CSS for Mobile

Testing Webpages on Mobile Devices

07m 51s

Elegant CSS for the Mobile World

22m 22s

Chapter: Getting Started

How to Install the Git Tool

08m 44s

Verifying that Git is Installed

02m 57s

The Config Command

04m 34s

The Init Command

03m 19s

The Commit Command

11m 19s

The Diff Command

04m 39s

The Log Command

04m 40s

Chapter: Git Filesystem Interaction

Removing Files

04m 48s

The Status Command

02m 13s

How to Run the Stash Command

05m 34s

The Reset Command

04m 5s

Chapter: Working with Git Branches

How To Create Branches

03m 2s

Showing and Verifying Branches

03m 52s

Delete Branches

03m 27s

The Merge Command

06m 9s

Chapter: GitHub Setup

How to Create a GitHub Account

03m 40s

Navigate the GitHub UI

06m 19s

Modify Your Account Settings

06m 41s

How Notifications are sent within GitHub

04m 47s

Searching the GitHub UI

05m 46s

Chapter: Network and Remote Setup

Creating a Repository

05m 22s

How to Fork a Repository

04m 7s

Cloning a Fork

05m 31s

Using Remotes

04m 34s

How to Delete a Repository

04m 10s

Chapter: Pushing and Pulling

Publish Commit History with Push

06m 18s

How to Perform Pull Requests

10m 23s

Merging Pull Requests in a Repository

03m 55s

How to Transfer a Repository

05m 24s

Chapter: Socialize with GitHub

How to Follow Friends

04m 8s

How to Watch a Project

04m 17s

How to Create Issues to be Worked on for a Particular Project

03m 19s

Organizations Associated with GitHub

03m 7s

How to Change Your Avatar

04m 16s