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Table of Contents

Chapter: Starting a PHP Project

The Course Overview

03m 37s

Creating the Development Environment

08m 12s

Setting Up PhpStorm

08m 42s

Setting Up NetBeans

04m 24s

Chapter: Introduction to PHP

Handling Forms

06m 27s

Using PHP Sessions

04m 43s

Useful PHP Functions

04m 11s

Using PDO to Connect to a Database

09m 55s

Basic Object Oriented Features

08m 13s

Chapter: Turning Long URLs into Short Ones

Composing a Project

07m 41s

Using MVC in the Right Way

09m 25s

Securing and Validating Our Data

05m 22s

Wiring Up to the Database

08m 55s

Redirecting Our Users

06m 55s

Chapter: Automated Testing of Our Shortener

Installing PHPUnit

05m 44s

Understanding PHPUnit

06m 50s

Using Mock Objects in a Test

09m 48s

Testing Database Interaction

09m 43s

Functional Tests with Selenium

10m 28s

Chapter: Creating an Authentication Platform

Introducing Test Driven Development with User Management

09m 43s

Implementing User Management

09m 42s

Managing Groups for the Users

06m 1s

DRYing Out Group and User CRUD

06m 51s

Giving Permissions to Our Groups

05m 19s

Bootstrapping Authentication to Our Management System

09m 35s

Chapter: Converting Our User Management Application into a Scalable Service

Introducing REST

07m 51s

Creating a REST Interface for User Management

10m 32s

Moving from SQLite to MySQL

08m 17s

Moving Sessions from Files to the Database

07m 4s

Introducing Memcache for Caching and Session Management

10m 7s

Chapter: Creating a Social Sharing Platform

Introducing Silex

08m 13s

Using OAuth to Login

08m 13s

Completing the Account Registration and Login Flow

08m 43s

Creating a Crawler Service

06m 19s

Allowing URLs to be Shared

06m 38s

Allowing for Crawling to Scale

06m 48s

Creating a Real-time Global Feed

06m 27s

Chapter: Letting Users Interact with Each Other

Searching for Your Friends

07m 41s

Discovering New Content

05m 2s

User Following and Unfollowing

04m 24s

Creating a Real-Time Commenting Stream for URLs

06m 21s

Creating a Feed for Users

08m 33s