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Table of Contents

Chapter: Let's Deploy OpenStack Now?

The Course Overview

05m 23s

What Is Virtualization and Cloud Computing?

07m 12s

What Is OpenStack? When and Why?

05m 18s

Getting Started to Play with OpenStack

06m 0s

Installing OpenStack All-In-One

07m 26s

Appreciating the Cloud We Just Built

08m 2s

Chapter: Bird's-eye View of OpenStack

OpenStack Architecture

04m 26s

OpenStack Components

10m 12s

Chapter: Deploying OpenStack Cloud Brick by Brick – A Deep Dive

Preparing the Basic Environment

15m 57s


10m 7s


06m 43s


11m 21s

Networking 101

11m 52s


16m 58s


05m 34s

Chapter: Now for OpenStack's Magic


14m 21s


11m 25s


09m 19s

Chapter: Bells and Whistles of OpenStack

OpenStack Ceilometer

09m 9s

OpenStack Trove

06m 48s

OpenStack Magnum

09m 2s

OpenStack Murano

08m 32s

Other OpenStack Services

08m 2s

Chapter: OpenStack APIs – Development

API Request Workflow and Authentication

05m 56s

Programming OpenStack

05m 47s

Programming Your Way to an Instance

05m 29s

Chapter: OpenStack in Production

OpenStack Deployment at Scale

08m 5s

Making Room for the Elephant

11m 38s

DevOps OpenStack

05m 8s


08m 29s

Chapter: Troubleshooting

Deployment Issues

08m 31s

Where Are the Logs?

09m 25s

Troubleshooting Pre-Boot Issues

02m 50s

Troubleshooting Post-Boot Issues

10m 22s