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Table of Contents

Chapter: Working Toward Data Prep Mastery

The Course Overview

03m 22s

It's All about the Data

12m 10s

Filtering at All Levels

14m 26s

Combining Data

14m 37s

Blending Data

13m 54s

Stacking That Data

12m 49s

Completing the Picture

12m 58s

Chapter: Data for the Enterprise

To Extract or Not to Extract?

14m 21s

Future-Proofing the Data

10m 49s

Sharing is Caring

06m 10s

Content for the Consumers

05m 26s

Chapter: Visual Analytics at the Core

The Four Pill Types

11m 14s

Chart Types That Work

10m 31s

Controlling the Canvas

09m 52s

Being Creative with Color

07m 4s

Being a Minimalist

10m 9s

Getting Analytical

09m 25s


07m 40s

Custom Territories

06m 55s

Chapter: Communicate with Calculations

At the Ready Quick Calcs

08m 50s

Table Calcs

10m 22s

LODs of Fun

09m 31s

Leveling Up with Advanced LODs

09m 46s

Chapter: Actions That Get Reactions

The Accidental Action

11m 19s

Vizs That Play Together

07m 44s

It's Starting to Feel like an App

10m 32s

Chapter: Quick Filters and Parameters

Handing Out Interactivity

07m 0s

Dynamic Actions with Parameters

07m 16s

Swapping in the Flow

08m 8s

Chapter: Custom Canvas Control

Dynamic Containers

10m 58s

Content Push

07m 37s

Designing for Mobile

06m 54s

Wrapping Up

05m 53s