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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction and Important Things to Know

The Course Overview

03m 32s

What's New in Windows PowerShell 5?

06m 55s

Demonstration of New Features

07m 20s

Demonstartion of New Features (Continued)

04m 31s

Securing Passwords

05m 27s

Windows Registry

05m 42s

Creating PowerShell Objects

03m 29s

Chapter: Error Handling

$Error Object Variable

04m 30s

Error Action

02m 45s

Try, Catch, and Finally Block

02m 41s

Event Logging

04m 23s

E-mail Notification

03m 53s

Use Color to Debug Your Code

01m 46s

Chapter: Working with the Windows File System

Interacting with Files and Folders

06m 46s

Access Control Lists

06m 16s

Reading and Writing Files

05m 20s

Using CSV Files

08m 52s

Stream Reader and Stream Writer

03m 57s

Disk Usage

03m 48s

Search and Delete

03m 51s

Chapter: Interacting with Databases

Remote Connection to SQL Modules

06m 59s

Microsoft SQL Server

07m 0s

Installing MySQL Components

04m 32s

Querying MySQL Server

06m 19s

Using XML

06m 49s

Using JSON

04m 14s

Chapter: Interacting with Active Directory

Remote Connection to the Active Directory Module

06m 53s

Active Directory Users

05m 24s

Active Directory Groups

05m 2s

Active Directory Computers

04m 48s

Active Directory Organizational Units

07m 41s

Chapter: Automating Active Directory Tasks

User Import Automation

04m 14s

User Import Automation – PowerShell Demo

06m 19s

Keeping User Information up to Date

04m 2s

User Cleanup Automation

04m 34s

Computer Cleanup Automation

05m 42s

Chapter: More Real-World Scenarios


14m 6s

DNS Server Module

08m 59s

Automating Printer Creation

02m 56s

Cleaning up Fast-growing Log Files

03m 53s

Presenting Data

05m 23s

Win32 Classes

06m 57s