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Table of Contents

Chapter: What is DevOps?

The Course Overview

07m 7s

Is DevOps for Me?

07m 32s

The First Way – Systems Thinking

08m 54s

The Second Way – Feedback Loops

08m 37s

The Third Way – Culture of Experimentation

08m 51s

The Principle of Kaizen

05m 56s

Chapter: The CAMS model – DevOps Thinking

CAMS – Culture

08m 26s

CAMS – Automation

06m 14s

CAMS – Measurement

05m 26s

CAMS – Sharing

08m 12s

Chapter: Establishing a DevOps Culture

Traditional Versus DevOps SDLC

08m 23s

Service Ownership

08m 43s

Hack Events

12m 4s

Destructive Testing

05m 15s

Cross-Functional Teams

05m 20s

Chapter: Automation – Configuration Management

Why Automate?

09m 25s

Configuration Management with SaltStack

11m 9s

Configuration Management for Distributed Systems

07m 19s

What about Containers?

07m 51s

Building and Running a Docker Container

08m 19s

Chapter: Automation – Continuous Delivery

What is Continuous Delivery?

09m 58s

Your First Test Environment

10m 35s

Configuring and Launching with Vagrant

12m 47s

Testing with Serverspec

09m 26s

Am I Ready for Production?

05m 43s

Chapter: Measurement

Measurement Concepts

10m 53s

A Tour of Graphite

12m 11s

Getting Your Data into Graphite

13m 59s

Monitoring Agent Examples

08m 47s

Actionable Data

14m 41s

Chapter: Sharing


13m 49s

Learning Reviews

11m 32s


10m 8s

Other Sharing Tools

10m 44s

Chapter: Where Do I Go From Here?

Security/Quality Engineering

09m 26s


10m 17s

Sales, Marketing, and Beyond

04m 41s

Becoming a Learning Organization

08m 49s