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Table of Contents

Chapter: Using Node.js and npm

The Course Overview

02m 30s

Installing Node.js

07m 5s

Node.js REPL

05m 24s

Node.js is JavaScript

07m 0s

Installing a Package with npm

06m 57s

Chapter: Using the Node.js Module System


09m 53s

Module Exports

09m 3s

Package.json Walkthrough

05m 33s

Using package.json to Manage Dependencies

07m 17s

Using npm run

06m 50s

Creating Our Own Package

07m 20s

Chapter: Useful Node.js Paradigms

Node.js is Asynchronous

07m 6s

The Event Loop

07m 52s

Callback Pattern

07m 54s

Promises Instead of Callbacks

08m 32s

Error Handling

06m 56s

Chapter: Node.js Events

Event Emitters

04m 24s

Adding and Removing Events

09m 41s

Creating Our Own Event Emitter

05m 36s

Chapter: Node.js Streams

Everything is a Stream

05m 39s

Readable Streams

06m 29s

Writable Streams

06m 14s

Network Streams

05m 17s

Piping Streams

10m 58s

Chapter: Node.js HTTP Server

The Node.js HTTP Server

06m 23s

Making Client Requests

06m 4s

Handling Requests

09m 40s

Handling Responses

08m 46s

Chapter: Node.js and Express

Installing Express

06m 3s

Routing Basics

13m 55s

Middleware Basics

10m 30s

Handling Errors

06m 47s

Debugging in Express

08m 37s

Templating in Express

10m 25s

Chapter: Passport in Express

Creating a Protected Page

10m 26s

Creating a Login Page

07m 1s

Passport and Authentication

09m 32s

Where to Go from Here

05m 50s