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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing R

The Course Overview

04m 14s

What is R?

02m 34s

The Structure of the Language

03m 52s

Data Structures within R

05m 57s

Writing a Simple Program in R

04m 32s

Chapter: Getting Data into R

The Structure of a DataFrame

05m 35s

Creating a DataFrame from a csv File

02m 41s

Creating a DataFrame from a zip File

03m 3s

Creating a DataFrame from a Database

06m 54s

Chapter: Cleaning and Blending Data

The Tools Available for Cleaning Data

06m 50s

Dealing with Null Values

04m 3s

Standardizing Date Formats

03m 12s

Blending Multiple DataFrames

04m 21s

Chapter: Cooking the Codebook

What Is a Codebook and Why Create One?

03m 50s

Creating the Codebook Using Standard R API Functionality

02m 28s

Manually Creating a Custom Codebook

03m 32s

Chapter: Data Mining and Analysis

Introduction to Data Mining and Analysis

03m 49s

The Tools and Techniques for Creating the Story

03m 32s

Regression Analysis with R

02m 23s

Clustering Data with R

03m 20s

Classifying Data with R

04m 0s

Chapter: A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Data Visualization Tools

03m 9s

Creating Static Visualization Plots

03m 46s

Creating Interactive Plots

02m 1s

Publishing the Graphics

02m 6s

What's Next?

03m 11s