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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Course Introduction

02m 24s

About The Author

00m 35s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Getting Started: Basic String Processing In Python

String Operations

04m 49s

Working With Unicode

05m 16s

Chapter: Converting Text To Symbols: Tokenization In NLTK and spaCy

Splitting Documents

04m 41s

Splitting Sentences

03m 20s

Filtering Stop Words

02m 7s

Chapter: Going Subsymbolic: Vector Representations

tf-idf Gensim

09m 24s

Word Vectors

03m 34s

Google Word Vectors

04m 2s

Learn Word Vectors

08m 7s

Chapter: Finding The Structure Of Text: Parsing In spaCy

Dependency Parsing

03m 39s

Sentence Head

02m 22s

Named Entities

03m 20s

Chapter: Determining How The Writer Feels: Sentiment Analysis In VADER

Sentiment Analysis Intro

03m 17s

Sentiment In VADER

05m 13s

Chapter: Making Decisions: Text Classification

Text Classification Intro

02m 45s

Classification With TextBlob

10m 24s

Classification With scikit-learn

07m 16s

Chapter: Indentifying Discussed Topics: LDA In Gensim

LDA Introduction

02m 43s

LDA Gensim

07m 13s

LDA pyLDAvis

03m 53s

Chapter: Toward Machine Reading: Entity Extraction And Linking

Entity Linking

03m 28s


03m 15s


03m 16s

Chapter: Conclusion


02m 24s