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Table of Contents

Introduction: Get Your First Interview Done in Less than 60 Minutes

01m 15s

Just Do It: A 60-minute Plan for Getting Started with Customer Interviewing

03m 38s

What's a Hypothesis, and Why Do I Need One? (with exercise)

04m 29s

Why Are Interviews the Right Tool for Learning?

05m 3s

How to Write Effective Interview Questions (with exercise)

14m 54s

Taking Useful Interview Notes (with template)

05m 0s

Getting Customers to Talk Honestly in an Interview

07m 27s

Your First Interview

02m 45s

How Did Your First Interview Go? Using Immediate Feedback to Get Better Next Time (with exercise)

03m 52s

What Did You Learn? Capturing Ideas and Drawing Conclusions from Your Interview (with exercise)

05m 44s

How to Share Learnings with Skeptical Coworkers & Conclusion

05m 28s