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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

03m 16s

Setup Guide

08m 50s

Chapter: What Is React?

Why React?

06m 40s

The React Way

11m 14s

The Virtual DOM

09m 6s

Chapter: Declarative User Interfaces

React's Language

04m 51s


04m 25s

Chapter: React Components

Defining Components

07m 2s

Using JSX

03m 4s

Readability and Reusability

05m 49s


06m 37s

Chapter: Components State

Reading and Updating the State

07m 48s

Deciding Who Owns the State

05m 29s

Giving Children Components Access to the State

03m 13s

Chapter: Working with User Input

React's Event System

03m 8s

Working with DOM Nodes

04m 44s

Controlled Components

04m 21s

Chapter: Components Lifecycle

Mounting and Unmounting Components

05m 15s

Updating Components

03m 34s

Chapter: Building an Application with React

What Are We Building?

02m 33s

Building the Presentational Components

05m 35s

Chapter: Using React's Built-in State

Initializing the State

07m 11s

Separating Components into Modules

04m 36s

Implementing the Delete Action

06m 46s

Handling Edge Data Cases

03m 35s

Reading User Input from the DOM

05m 48s

Using a Controlled Input Component

05m 15s

Displaying the Author Information

07m 30s

Chapter: Talking to a Remote Backend

Moving Data to the Backend

02m 51s

Fetching Data to React State

03m 28s

Improving the Data API

05m 49s

Chapter: Getting Started with Redux

Configuring Store and Reducers

05m 35s

Dispatching Actions

07m 0s

Working with the Redux Promise Middleware

02m 41s

Deleting a Book

05m 24s

Final Thoughts

01m 14s