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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to Angular 2

The Course Overview

02m 21s

What Is a Single-Page App?

02m 19s

Angular Architecture

03m 9s

Chapter: Getting Set Up

Introduction to TypeScript

09m 19s

The Development Environment

21m 55s

Chapter: Weather App

Component Syntax

08m 34s


13m 32s


04m 57s


14m 35s

Chapter: Twitter App

Third-Party Libraries

11m 1s

Third-Party Libraries (Continued)

06m 27s


05m 42s

Form Fields

07m 23s

Chapter: Checkers App

Game Logic

08m 15s

The Checkers UI

11m 30s

Universal Rendering

08m 35s

Chapter: Testing

Getting Setup

05m 58s

Writing Unit Tests

09m 34s

Testing Angular Components

06m 36s

Chapter: Deployment


05m 50s

Going Further

05m 33s