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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started with Cocos2d-x

Installing Cocos2d-x

09m 29s

Using the cocos Command

03m 28s

Building the Project

07m 26s

Preparing Our Original Game

02m 59s

Chapter: Creating Sprites

Introduction to Sprites

03m 11s

Manipulating Sprites

05m 46s

Bringing Our Game to Life!

09m 47s

Controlling Actions

05m 56s

Mastering Actions

04m 52s

Optimizing Our Game

05m 3s

Enhancing Our Game

03m 42s

Drawing a Shape

05m 16s

Chapter: Working with Labels

Creating System Font Labels

05m 0s

Creating True Type Font Labels

02m 31s

Creating Bitmap Font Labels

03m 19s

Creating Rich Text

03m 43s

Chapter: Building Scenes and Layers

Creating Scenes

04m 6s

Transitioning Between Scenes

02m 24s

Transitioning Scenes with Effects

02m 39s

Creating Original Transitions

05m 7s

Creating Layers

03m 39s

Chapter: Creating GUIs

Creating Menus

04m 33s

Creating Buttons and Checkboxes

05m 52s

Creating Loading Bars and Sliders

04m 28s

Creating TextFields

01m 55s

Creating Scroll Views, Page Views, and List Views

07m 19s

Chapter: Playing Sounds

Playing Background Music

03m 46s

Playing Sound Effects

02m 44s

Controlling the Volume, Pitch, and Balance

03m 55s

Pausing and Resuming Background Music

02m 34s

Pausing and Resuming Sound Effects

02m 10s

Playing Background Music and Sound Effect by Using AudioEngine

03m 2s

Playing Movies

03m 14s

Chapter: Working with Resource Files

Selecting and Managing Resource Files

08m 52s

Using SQLite

05m 4s

Using .xml, .plist, and .json

09m 8s

Chapter: Controlling Physics

Using the Physics Engine

04m 21s

Detecting Collisions

02m 54s

Chapter: Improving Games with Extra Features

Using TexturePacker

04m 53s

Using Titled Map Editor

07m 21s

Getting Property of the Object in the Tiled Map

04m 27s

Using PhysicsEditor

05m 24s

Using Glyph Designer

04m 25s

Chapter: Taking Advantages

Using Encrypted Sprite Sheets

04m 14s

Using Encrypted Zip Files

02m 52s

Using Encrypted SQLite Files

05m 57s

Creating an Observer Pattern

04m 20s

Networking with HTTP

04m 9s