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Table of Contents

Chapter: A Look Back at Basics

Course Overview and Virtualization Concepts

11m 11s

Installing ESXi

08m 46s

Welcome to ESXi

04m 6s


07m 59s

Using vSphere Desktop Client

11m 32s

Datastore Browser

08m 12s

ESXi and ESXi Shell

16m 5s

Installing VIBs

12m 48s

Host Client

08m 50s

Chapter: Basic Virtual Machines

Basic VM

20m 0s

VM Operations

13m 49s

OVF Templates

07m 59s


13m 6s

Hot Add Hardware

05m 35s


06m 4s

Chapter: Setting Up the Network

Working with Standard vSwitches

19m 29s

Teaming and Load-Balancing

13m 24s

VMKernel Adapters

10m 47s

Chapter: Configuring Storage


19m 27s

Configuring NFS

13m 28s

Configuring iSCSI

17m 37s

Path Balancing and Failover

17m 38s

Chapter: vCenter

Installing vCenter

13m 12s

Configuring Single Sign-On

14m 15s

Roles and Permissions

16m 56s

Adding ESXi Hosts to vCenter

11m 50s

Using and Configuring vCenter with vSphere Desktop Client

10m 22s

Using and Configuring vCenter with vSphere Web Client

12m 52s

Working with Templates

14m 31s

Chapter: HA, Fault Tolerance, and DRS

Cold Migration and vMotion

23m 32s

HA and FT

28m 49s


20m 50s

Chapter: Monitoring and Performance

Performance Monitoring

22m 20s


18m 40s

Useful ESXi Commands

14m 34s