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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installing Operations Manager 2016

Planning and Designing Your Environment

07m 55s

Operations Manager Components

06m 7s

System Center Operations Manager 2016 Hardware and Software Prerequisites

09m 4s

Installing the Management Group

14m 52s

Additional Management Server Installation

07m 21s


07m 32s

Chapter: Configuring Management Group Settings

Configuring Management Group Global Settings

28m 29s

Individual Server Options

16m 45s

Chapter: Installing and Configuring the Operations Manager Agent

Installing the Operations Manager Agent

15m 35s

Configuring Individual Settings

14m 52s

Deploying Agents to Other Clients

13m 28s

Discovering Network Devices

15m 30s

Chapter: Exploring Monitoring Management Packs

Understanding Management Packs

11m 14s

Exploring Management Packs

10m 36s

Chapter: Implementing Management Packs

Importing Management Packs

17m 2s

Tuning Management Packs

16m 43s

Chapter: Management Pack Templates

Application Performance Monitoring Overview

08m 48s

End-to-End Service Monitoring

09m 4s

Creating a Distributed Application

12m 43s

Management Pack Templates

08m 3s

Chapter: Working with Operations Manager Consoles

Overview of the Different Consoles

08m 33s

Operations Manager Console Overview

13m 47s

Creating Notification Subscriptions

17m 16s

Chapter: Optimizing Your Environment

Using Custom Utilities

11m 4s

Working with Monitors

18m 59s

Optimizing Rules

17m 25s

Chapter: Backup, Restore, and Disaster Recovery

Operations Manager Components

09m 2s

Common Backup and Restore Scenarios

07m 32s

Backup and Restore Basics

08m 54s

Chapter: Integrating Operations Manager with Other System Center Products

Service Manager Integrations

08m 8s

Data Protection Manager Integration

06m 44s

Orchestrator Integration

07m 59s