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Table of Contents

Chapter: React.js

Course Overview

02m 38s

Creating my First React Element

07m 16s

Getting to Know JSX and Babel

10m 35s

Creating a React Component

08m 11s

Passing Components and Properties

10m 55s

Building with Forms and States in React

08m 35s

Walking through a Full State Cycle

11m 56s

Chapter: Node.js

Using http-server as a Quick Server Solution

04m 23s

Going Back to React

02m 25s

Chapter: Express.js

Using Express Generator

03m 51s

Back to React

17m 28s

Chapter: MongoDB and Beyond

Installing MongoDB

07m 52s

MongoDB Driver in Node.js

15m 11s

Chapter: Connecting the Dots

Setting Up the Server

08m 1s

Working with Template Systems – EJS

07m 2s

Running React on the Server Side

07m 48s

Configuring Babel 6 the Right Way

07m 26s

Creating a Full Registration with MongoDB

11m 28s