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Table of Contents

Chapter: Creating a React JSX Component

Overview and Setting Things

Configuring the Webpack Development Server

Developing in ES2016 Today with Babel

09m 35s

Hello JSX

Creating a Component

Chapter: Understanding the React Paradigm Shift

Using Components Inside Components

Passing Properties to Components

Dynamically Passing Components into Components

09m 8s

Components That Change with State

09m 57s

How React Works and Arrow Functions

09m 57s

Chapter: Componentizing

Sectioning our Site into components

Composition Instead of Inheritance

Dynamic Children from Model Data

Understanding var, let, and const

Exploring ES6 Strings

Chapter: Reusable Components

Finding Bugs

Extracting the Model from the View

11m 18s

Using the JSX and ES6 Spread Features

Validating Development Props

Making Everything Dynamic

Final Thoughts on Reusability

Chapter: Building a Single Page Application

Preparing for Idiomatic JavaScript

Building Out the Site Navigation

Bubbling Events in React

12m 56s

Merging Our Model with Our View

Making Things Dynamic with Maps

SPA – Creating a Single Page Application

11m 30s