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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

01m 57s

About The Author

02m 12s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Deep Learning In Business

Introduction To Machine Learning, Deep Learning And Artificial Intelligence

12m 30s

Business Models

07m 48s

Introduction To Key Applications

07m 0s

Chapter: Characterizing The World

Extracting Features

12m 4s

Summarizing Content

08m 47s

Tagging Content

06m 56s

Advanced Topics On Content

08m 23s

Chapter: Identifying And Grouping Things Together

Group Things Together

06m 35s

Segmenting (Clustering)

11m 23s

Categorizing (Classification)

08m 49s

Chapter: Predicting Outcomes And Behavior

Making Recommendations

09m 48s

Predicting Behavior/Outcomes

08m 44s

Chapter: Human-Machine Interaction

Understanding Human Communication

13m 52s

Understanding Abstract Thinking And Emotions

11m 2s

Creating Original Work

05m 25s

Chapter: Robotics And Real-World Interaction

Sensing The Physical Environment

07m 43s

Moving In The Real World

06m 53s

Handling Uncertainty

07m 32s

Chapter: Implications

Building Buy-In For Ai Projects

10m 29s

Addressing Ethical And Privacy Concerns

08m 46s

Driving User Acceptance

10m 16s

Chapter: Conclusion

Future Applications

10m 16s

Wrap Up And Thank You

03m 53s