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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

03m 59s

About The Author

01m 33s

Study Strategies

02m 52s

Create A Working Environment

01m 34s

Key Improvements

01m 7s

Summary - Introduction

01m 25s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Hardware And Booting

Determining Hardware Settings

05m 8s

Pseudo Directories

04m 59s

Booting Overview

04m 40s

SysVinit Vs Systemd Booting

03m 49s

Hardware And Booting Summary

01m 26s

Chapter: Changing Runlevels

Runlevels Overview

01m 29s

Understanding inittab

05m 42s

Changing Runlevels Using SysVinit

01m 41s

Changing Runlevels Using Systemd

03m 38s

Proper Shutdown And Reboot

02m 15s

Summary Changing Runlevels

00m 55s

Chapter: Hard Disk And Boot Manager

Laying Out The Hard Drive

01m 35s

The Root Filesystem

04m 12s

Logical Volume Management Summary

01m 52s

Swap Files

01m 28s

Grub Legacy

03m 23s


03m 17s

Summary - Hard Disk And Boot Manager

01m 19s

Chapter: Shared Libraries And Package Management

Identify Shared Libraries

05m 25s

Loading Shared Libraries

02m 18s

Using Debian dpkg

06m 6s

Using Apt-Get

06m 19s

Using Red Hat RPM

07m 18s

Using YUM

03m 16s

Summary Shared Libraries And Package Management

02m 1s

Chapter: Command Line, Streams And Filters

Using The Shell

06m 19s

Working With Variables

02m 55s

System Documentation

03m 53s

Command Histories

01m 34s

Examine File Content

09m 34s

Manipulate File Content

06m 4s

Preparing Files For Line Printers

03m 0s

Using Files For Data Analysis

02m 53s

Summary - Command Line, Streams, And Filters

02m 48s

Chapter: Basic File Management

File Manipulations

04m 56s

Directory Manipulations

05m 37s

Archiving And Compression

11m 31s

File Searching

06m 45s

File Globbing

05m 47s

Summary - Basic File Management

02m 31s

Chapter: Process Management

Get Process Status

03m 39s

Running Background Jobs

03m 34s

Terminating Processes

07m 14s

Using Screen

02m 18s

Process Priorities

04m 21s

Summary - Process Management

02m 12s

Chapter: vi Editor And Regular Expressions

Getting Started With vi

05m 14s

Maneuver The Cursor

03m 52s

Copy And Paste

03m 48s

Shell Commands With vi

01m 53s

Using Regular Expressions

09m 8s

Summary - vi Editor And Regular Expressions

01m 49s

Chapter: Partitions, Filesystems, And Quotas

Manage Parition Tables

08m 25s

Create A Filesystem

05m 56s

Create Additional Swap Space

03m 36s

Create An LVM

05m 49s

Filesystem Maintenance

08m 12s

Accessing Filesystems

05m 27s

XFS Filesystem

01m 52s

Disk Quotas

06m 50s

Summary - Partitions, Filesystems, & Quotas

02m 27s

Chapter: Manage Permissions And Ownership

File Permissions

07m 13s

Changing Permissions

05m 29s

Changing Ownership

01m 58s

Creating Shortcuts Or Links

05m 55s

Finding Links

04m 39s

Summary - Manage Permissions And Ownership

02m 19s

Chapter: Conclusion

Getting Ready For The Exam

01m 35s

What Next

01m 41s