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Table of Contents

Welcome to the Course

01m 36s

Chapter: Part 1: Building a natural language processing and entity extraction pipeline on Scala & Spark

Notebook 1: Introduction

02m 35s

Annotation Library

04m 14s

Basic Annotators

08m 59s

Vocabulary Analysis

09m 30s

Exercise: Building a stopword annotator

05m 6s

Chapter: Part 2: Machine Learning Applications for Statistical Natural Language Understanding at Scale

Notebook 2: Introduction

02m 14s

Model-based Annotators

04m 17s

Creating a Binary Classifier

14m 37s

Exercise: Predicting score or popularity

05m 30s

Chapter: Part 3: Topic Modeling on Natural Language with Scala, Spark and MLLib

Notebook 3: Introduction

02m 12s

K-Means clustering

07m 3s

LDA topic modeling

07m 39s

Exercise: Using topics for score or popularity prediction

02m 35s

Chapter: Part 4: Deep Learning Applications for Natural Language Understanding with Scala, Spark and MLLib

Notebook 4: Introduction

02m 6s


05m 5s

Expanding genre entity lists

04m 48s

Exercise: Using Word2Vec based features for score or popularity prediction

02m 44s