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Table of Contents

Chapter: Part 1: Introduction

Welcome to the Course and Generics Prior to Java 8

04m 40s

Chapter: Part 2: Basics of Generics


12m 57s

Generics and Inheritance

06m 57s

Chapter: Part 3: Wildcards and PECS

Unbounded Wildcards in Java 8

06m 53s

Upper Bounds in Java 8

06m 40s

Lower Bounds and PECS in Java 8

11m 17s

Chapter: Part 4: Examples from the Java 8 API

Stream.max in the Java 8 API

12m 30s

Comparator.comparing in the Java 8 API

14m 59s in the Java 8 API

06m 18s

Collectors.toMap in the Java 8 API

12m 30s

Map.Entry.comparingByKey and comparingByValue in the Java 8 API

11m 26s

Chapter: Part 5: Type erasure

Basic Type erasure

10m 20s

Heap Pollution and @SafeVarargs

12m 22s

Chapter: Part 6: Summary

Multiple Bounds and Conclusions

04m 32s