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Table of Contents

Chapter: Building a Twitter-Like Application Using the MVC Design Patterns

Installing Node.js and Express Generator

03m 2s

Building the Baseline

04m 47s

Changing the Application's Structure

04m 1s

Restructuring the Views Folder Using Partials

03m 10s

Adding Templates for Login, Sign-Up, and Profile

02m 12s

Refactoring the app.js File with the New Middleware

02m 11s

Adding Config and Passport Files

00m 48s

Creating Models Folder, Adding a User Schema, and Protecting Routes

01m 50s

Creating the Controllers Folder

01m 55s

Running the Application and Adding Comments

01m 57s

Chapter: Building a Basic Website Using MySQL Database

Baseline Application and Swig Template Engine

03m 21s

Refactoring the Views Folder and Creating a Controllers Folder

03m 6s

Adding Partials Files and Dealing with Sequelize-CLI

03m 3s

Editing the config.js File with Database Credentials

00m 56s

Creating User Scheme and Band Schema

02m 22s

Creating the Database on MySQL and Checking Database Tables

03m 29s

Creating Application Controllers, Templates, and Views

01m 50s

Adding Style, Routes, and a Controller to the Application

02m 4s

Adding Database Content and Creating Bands Form

03m 0s

Chapter: Building a Customer Feedback App with a Restful API and

Creating and Editing Models with Command Line

04m 23s

Creating a Data Source and Connecting Models to It

02m 21s

Using the API Explorer

03m 12s

Adding Database Relations

01m 25s

Dealing with LoopBack Boot Files

01m 42s

Consuming the API

02m 26s

Creating React Components

03m 40s

Creating New Feedbacks

02m 48s

Chapter: Building a Frontend Process with Node.js and NPM

Creating the Baseline Application

07m 58s

Refactoring the Application Folder

05m 51s

Refactoring the Client Folder

02m 23s

Creating the AngularJS Application

02m 45s

Adding Content to the Application

01m 11s

Creating the Building Tasks and Using It with Individual Commands

05m 44s

Deploying to Heroku Cloud

04m 29s

Chapter: Creating and Deploying Using Continuous Integration and Docker

Baseline Application

06m 17s

Baseline Application (Continued)

09m 14s

Creating a GitHub and Heroku Free Account

02m 22s

Creating a MongoLab Free Sandbox Account

02m 12s

Initializing a Git Repository and Pushing to GitHub

01m 50s

Creating a Heroku Application Using Heroku Dashboard

02m 23s

Creating a Codeship Free Account

06m 56s