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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

03m 27s

About The Author

01m 12s

Chapter: About Security Testing

Kali Linux

03m 22s

Virtual Machines

02m 59s

Obtaining Vulnerable Operating Systems

03m 57s

Using Windows

02m 4s

A Methodology

03m 37s

Get Out Of Jail Free Cards/Ethics

04m 10s

Basic Tools - Telnet Client

03m 28s

Basic Tools - Netcat

02m 16s

Basic Tools - Ping

04m 6s

Useful Browser Extensions

02m 44s

Useful Web Sites

03m 29s

Information Storage

03m 21s

Google Hacking

02m 32s

Google Hacking Database

02m 40s

Chapter: Reconnaissance

Using Whois

02m 57s

Using Dig

03m 20s

Using Host/Nslookup

02m 37s

Using Web-Based Tools

03m 16s

Passive Recon

03m 2s

Passive Fingerprinting

03m 57s

Packet Captures

03m 3s

Using Wireshark

05m 1s

Banner Grabbing

03m 40s

Basic Protocol Interaction - HTTP

03m 43s

Basic Protocol Interaction - FTP

02m 47s

Basic Protocol Interaction - SMTP

03m 49s

Using Theharvester

03m 5s

Using Recon-NG

04m 5s

Using Snmpwalk

05m 28s

Using Dnswalk

02m 30s

Chapter: Scanning


03m 9s

Using Nmap

03m 22s

Using Nmap For TCP Scanning

04m 0s

Using Nmap For TCP Scan Variations

04m 3s

Using Nmap For UDP Scanning

03m 58s

Using Nmap Scripting

03m 59s

Creating Nmap Scripts For Scanning

05m 17s

Saving Scan Output

03m 24s

High-Speed Scanning

02m 57s

Using Hping3

04m 12s

Using Zenmap

03m 45s

Zenmap Output

03m 8s

Chapter: Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerabilities Vs Exploits

02m 47s

Getting Started With Nexpose

01m 41s

Scanning Using Nexpose

03m 37s

Reviewing Reports From Nexpose

04m 38s

Exporting Reports From Nexpose

03m 22s

Getting Started With Nessus

01m 52s

Scanning Using Nessus

04m 8s

Reviewing Reports Using Nessus

03m 35s

Exporting Reports From Nessus

03m 40s

Getting Started With OpenVAS

03m 41s

Scanning Using OpenVAS

03m 16s

Reviewing Reports From OpenVAS

03m 58s

Exporting Reports From OpenVAS

04m 19s

Using Exploit-db

02m 17s

Chapter: Exploiting Vulnerabilities

Exploit Types

03m 36s


02m 48s


02m 57s


03m 3s

Importing To Metasploit

02m 37s

Identifying Vulnerabilities And Hosts

03m 19s

Searching Within Metasploit

02m 35s

Scanning With Metasploit

03m 15s

Running An Exploit With Metasploit

02m 21s

Payloads With Metasploit

03m 15s

Using Meterpreter

02m 37s

Acquiring Loot Using Meterpreter

02m 32s


04m 3s

Passing The Hash

04m 25s

Privilege Exploitation

05m 48s


02m 49s

Using Armitage

03m 9s

Integrating Nexpose And Metasploit

02m 52s

Using The Metasploit Web Interface

02m 59s

Chapter: Client Side Attacks

Browser Attacks Using Metasploit

03m 40s

Other Client Attacks Using Metasploit

02m 35s

Using SEToolkit For Phishing

02m 55s

Using SEToolkit For Web Attacks

03m 16s

Client-Side Attacks Using BeEF

03m 20s

File-Based Attacks Using Metasploit

03m 43s

Password Cracking Using John

04m 26s

Rainbow Tables

02m 21s

Using Hydra

03m 31s

Using Patator

02m 44s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up And Thank You

02m 23s