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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

03m 24s

About The Author

03m 42s

Course Overview

04m 8s

Understanding Transact-SQL

04m 48s

SQL Server 2016 Certifications

05m 3s

Examples And Code

03m 8s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Understanding Databases

What Is A Database?

08m 7s

Database Structure And Purpose

06m 19s

Database Terminology

05m 53s

Understanding Data Types

05m 5s

Statement Types

01m 39s

Chapter: Getting And Installing SQL Server 2016

SQL Server 2016 Editions

04m 37s

Getting SQL Server 2016

05m 0s

Installing SQL Server 2016

10m 28s

Installing SQL Server Management Studio

06m 58s

Attaching The Sample Database

04m 19s

Chapter: Basic Select Statements

Basic Select Structure

08m 29s

Using The Where Clause

06m 8s

Column Aliasing

04m 47s

Using Distinct

05m 40s

Ordering Results

07m 15s

T-SQL Concatenation

07m 29s

Multipart Naming

07m 8s

Chapter: Advanced Select Statements

Like And In

08m 32s


07m 24s

Intersect And Except

07m 45s

Paging Results

06m 22s

Understanding Case Expressions Part - 1

07m 39s

Understanding Case Expressions Part - 2

04m 34s

Using Pivot Part - 1

07m 10s

Using Pivot Part - 2

05m 7s

Chapter: Querying Multiple Tables

Database Structure

07m 35s

Table Relationships

08m 53s

Using The Join Statement

07m 2s

Table Aliasing

06m 23s

Join Types

04m 0s

Join Types Examples

06m 7s

Chapter: Grouping Data

Using Built-In Functions

05m 42s

Understanding Group By

08m 12s

Understanding Having

05m 37s

Understanding Grouping Sets

07m 58s

Using The Graphical Query Tool

07m 44s

Chapter: Modifying Data

Inserting Data

06m 39s

Insert Demo

08m 2s

Insert Select

06m 53s

Select Into

05m 44s

Updating Data

04m 9s

Update Demo

06m 43s

Deleting Data

03m 31s

Delete Demo

05m 52s

Chapter: Programming Objects With T-SQL

Understanding Stored Procs

08m 34s

Stored Procedure Demo

06m 22s

Using Input Parameters

07m 30s

Using Output Parameters

07m 6s

Understanding Table Variables

07m 20s

Understanding CTEs Part - 1

05m 54s

Understanding CTEs Part - 2

04m 44s

Understanding Masking

05m 46s

Masking Demo

03m 21s

Chapter: User-Defined Functions

Function Basics

04m 49s

Understanding Scalar Functions

06m 52s

Table-Valued Functions

06m 10s

Chapter: Understanding Subqueries

Subquery Basics

02m 45s

Scalar Subqueries

04m 54s

Multi-Valued Subqueries

06m 19s

Correlated Subqueries

06m 22s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

05m 26s