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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

05m 29s

Setting Up the Python Development Environment

09m 31s

Chapter: Running Python Programs within Eclipse

Getting Started with Python

04m 55s

Setting Breakpoints

04m 38s

Using the Pydev Debugger

07m 2s

Chapter: Using Design Patterns

Creational Design patterns – The "Maze" Labyrinth Game in Python

09m 17s

Creating the Maze in Python Using the Abstract Factory Design Pattern

05m 47s

Creating the Maze in Python Using the Builder Design Pattern

08m 42s

Creating the Maze in Python Using the Factory Prototype Design Pattern

12m 51s

Chapter: Creating a GUI Application with Tkinter

Introducing Tkinter

05m 32s


10m 22s


15m 13s


15m 19s

Chapter: Writing a Windows Scheduling Service


05m 30s


05m 40s

Scheduling the Task

03m 58s


09m 24s