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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

The Course Overview

02m 36s

Introducing Puppet and Terms Associated with Puppet

17m 53s

Puppet Code, Puppet Servers, and Environments

06m 50s

More about Puppet Servers and Environments

07m 15s

Git Control Repositories and r10K

19m 0s

Chapter: Architecting Puppet for Scalability, Redundancy, and Performance

Creating a Puppet Server Machine from Scratch

10m 15s

Expanding on Our Standalone Puppet CA Machine

09m 28s

Enterprise Configuration - Master of Master(MOM)

07m 32s

Performance Tuning with Puppet Server

05m 48s

Chapter: Using PuppetDB

Understanding Storeconfigs and PuppetDB

16m 19s

Exported Resources

04m 35s

PuppetDB's GUI

04m 42s

PuppetDB's API

05m 57s

Chapter: Extending Puppet Functionalities

Public Modules

19m 52s

Creating Our Own Custom Facts

Running Our Own Custom Types

09m 21s

Using Heira

12m 28s

Using the 'ensure => absent'

01m 26s

Chapter: Puppet Reporting

Setting Up Puppet for Reporting

05m 42s

Foreman Reporter with Our Puppet Installation

07m 6s

PuppetDB to Store Reports

03m 30s

Using Report Processors to Monitor Systems

04m 13s

Chapter: Testing and Troubleshooting

How to Check the Syntax of Our Code?

08m 19s

Using rspec-puppet to Create Tests for Our Code

10m 46s


07m 12s

Test Kitchen

13m 59s


12m 2s


08m 24s

SSL Certificates

10m 15s

Metaparameters and Ordering

09m 35s

Using PRY to Inspect the Puppet Server

05m 58s

Chapter: Wrapping Up

Puppet Best Practices

10m 0s