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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started


01m 45s

About The Author

01m 1s

Chapter: Introduction To CNNs

Biological Analogies

04m 3s

Convolution Functions

03m 41s

CNN Layers - Part 1

06m 8s

CNN Layers - Part 2

05m 35s

CNN Architectures - Part 1

08m 40s

CNN Architectures - Part 2

05m 37s

Chapter: CNN Applications

CNN And Computer Vision Tasks

10m 17s

CNN Image Classification

11m 38s

CNN Segmentation

07m 8s

Chapter: CNN Visualizations

CNN Visualizations

11m 10s

Deep Dream And Style Transfer

07m 13s

Chapter: CNN Image Enhancement


13m 4s

Generative Adversarial Networks

09m 27s

Chapter: Conclusion

Closing Thoughts

01m 36s