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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing the Go Programming Language

Project Showcase

01m 22s

Installing Go

05m 31s

Chapter: Creating a Simple Website with a Static File Server

A Simple Static File Server

03m 58s

Accepting Command-line Arguments

03m 47s

Compiling to a Statically Linked Binary

02m 59s

Chapter: Building a Content Management System Dashboard

Dynamic Content with Go

05m 35s

Handling GET and POST Requests

06m 23s

Connecting to a Database

04m 53s

Writing Tests in Go

03m 14s

Chapter: Capturing Web Analytics

Variadic Functions, Function Chaining, and Callbacks

04m 30s

Logging and Analytics

03m 59s

Error Handling

04m 44s

Advanced Middleware

04m 25s

Chapter: Building a User Login/Authentication System

Usernames and Passwords

05m 15s

The Password Reset E-mail

05m 0s


04m 52s

Sessionless, Passwordless Authentication

06m 53s

Web Application Security

04m 6s

Chapter: Exposing Data through a REST API

JSON in Go

05m 13s

Streams and JSON

03m 33s


02m 45s

Image Handling

04m 37s

Chapter: Writing a Real-time Chat Server


04m 3s

A Simple Chat Server

05m 17s

An Advanced Chat Server

05m 45s

Real-time Notifications

02m 55s

Chapter: Deploying Your Application (Automatically!)

Deployment Options

05m 10s

Automated Deployments

05m 44s

Continuous Integration

04m 12s

Chapter: Running an Application in Production – Advanced Debugging and Testing


04m 26s


02m 37s


04m 27s