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Table of Contents

Chapter: JSON

Overview and Setting Things Up

08m 52s

Overview of JSON Basics

06m 2s

Importing JSON Files with webpack

05m 50s

Building ES6 React Classes

11m 55s

Integrating JSON into React Components

06m 12s

Chapter: From Web Services to Maps

Creating a Map

04m 46s

Finding Points on a Map

08m 18s

Calculating a Map's Latitude and Longitude

05m 24s

Using ES6 String Templates

05m 18s

Connecting to the Web Service

05m 8s

Changing a Component's State

07m 27s

Chapter: From CSV to a Bar Chart

Reviewing package.json and webpack Configurations

10m 5s

Modifying Style Attributes in React

05m 11s

Preparing the Chart Data Object

07m 20s

Creating a Bar Chart with ChartJS

08m 9s

Formatting Data

12m 37s

Chapter: Creating a React Chart Component for ChartJS

Creating Utility Modules

07m 44s

Adding Random Colors

05m 3s

Cleaning Up Memory Leaks

08m 32s

Diving Deep into Properties

08m 34s

Exploring the Options in ChartJS

04m 1s

Chapter: From JSON to MongoDB

MongoD Versus Mongo

04m 31s

Database, Collection, and Document

07m 28s

Preparing Our Data for MongoDB

05m 56s

Setting Up NodeJS with Express and MongoJS

09m 40s

Creating a Radar Chart with MongoDB

05m 40s