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Table of Contents

Chapter: Part 1: Introduction

Welcome to the Course

03m 39s

Chapter: Part 2: Why Reactive Programming?

Why Reactive Programming?

02m 12s

Chapter: Part 3: Thinking Reactively

Thinking Reactively

05m 38s

Chapter: Part 4: The Observable

Using the Observable in RxPy

07m 13s

RxPy Operators and Other Sources

06m 13s

Creating Observables and Intervals with RxPy

07m 9s

Hot and Cold Observables in RxPy

02m 57s

Chapter: Part 5: Operators

Filter and Take Using RxPy

02m 55s

Distinct Operators Using RxPy

04m 18s

Reduce and Scan Using RxPy

05m 28s

Lists and Dicts Using RxPy

03m 8s

Chapter: Part 6: Combining Observables

Merging Observables in RxPy

07m 7s

Concatenating and Zipping in RxPy

08m 25s

Using Group By in RxPy

05m 23s

Chapter: Part 7: Reading and Analyzing Data

Reading Text Files and URL's with RxPy

07m 19s

Querying SQLAlchemy with RxPy

05m 37s

PROJECT- Scheduling a Reactive Word Counter with RxPy

11m 36s

Chapter: Part 8: Hot Observables


05m 36s

PROJECT- Creating a Twitter Observable

08m 54s

Chapter: Part 9: Concurrency

Understanding Concurrency

05m 27s

Using `subscribe_on()` with RxPy

05m 7s

Using `observe_on()` with RxPy

03m 40s

Achieving Parallelization with RxPy

04m 31s

Killing and Redirecting Work with `switch_map()`

02m 43s

Chapter: Part 10: Wrap-up

Going Forward

05m 11s