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Table of Contents

Chapter: What is a Mobile Hybrid App?

The Course Overview

04m 28s

Leveraging Web Technologies

05m 39s

Interfacing with Native Features

05m 29s

Cross Platform

05m 39s

Chapter: What Is PhoneGap?

History of PhoneGap

07m 13s

Cordova Versus PhoneGap

05m 23s

How Does PhoneGap Work?

09m 21s

Chapter: Exploring PhoneGap

PhoneGap CLI

08m 32s

PhoneGap Build

05m 55s

PhoneGap Desktop/Developer App

07m 47s

Chapter: Downloading and Installing Node.js

Downloading and Installing Node.js –macOS

08m 27s

Downloading and Installing Node.js – Linux

04m 52s

Downloading and Installing Node.js – Windows

05m 30s

Chapter: Downloading and Installing Xcode

Downloading and Installing Xcode

04m 32s

Configuring Xcode

08m 42s

Chapter: Downloading and Installing Android Studio

Downloading and Installing Android Studio –macOS

11m 48s

Downloading and Installing Android Studio – Linux

10m 25s

Downloading and Installing Android Studio – Windows

12m 10s

Chapter: Installing and Exploring the PhoneGap CLI

Installing the CLIs

02m 45s

Project Management

16m 53s

Editing config.xml

12m 31s

Investigating the Initial Template

12m 7s

Chapter: Testing Our Install

Running on iOS

02m 47s

Running on Android

02m 39s

Chapter: What Is a Framework?

What Is a Framework?

07m 42s

Choosing a Framework

04m 32s

Our Framework

05m 39s

Chapter: Designing Filer

Designing Filer's User Interface

07m 51s

Designing Filer's Models

06m 1s

Chapter: Scaffolding Filer

Folder Structure and Terms

09m 18s

Supporting Android and iOS Themes

07m 55s

Additional Image Assets

06m 54s

Chapter: Creating our Models

Store and local Storage Adapter

10m 38s

Entity Model

13m 44s

Piece and Text Piece Models

07m 22s

Text Note Model

06m 13s

Notes Model

04m 19s

Chapter: Listing our Notes

From Design to View

06m 34s

Writing the JavaScript for Notes

18m 13s

Chapter: Adding and Editing Notes

From Design to View

08m 38s

Writing the JavaScript

15m 22s

Chapter: Wrapping Up

Wrapping it all up

09m 36s

Demonstration and Ideas for Improvement

09m 43s