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Table of Contents

Chapter: Creating Brush Tools and Layer Masks

The Course Overview

04m 21s

Creating a Gritty Inking Brush

05m 58s

Making a Broken Glass Brush

07m 13s

Creating a Leaf Brush

05m 32s

Importing Third-Party Brushes

03m 13s

Using the Selection Tools

04m 4s

Creating and Editing Layer Masks

04m 42s

Chapter: Using Vectors

Making a Vector Layer

01m 38s

Drawing on Vector Layers

01m 31s

Adjusting Vector Lines

03m 32s

Adding and Deleting Control Points

03m 52s

Scaling and Rotating Vector Lines

02m 30s

Chapter: Using Rulers

Basic Rulers

08m 12s

Special Rulers

04m 47s

Using the Symmetrical Ruler

02m 38s

Using the Stream Line Tools

06m 2s

Saturated Line Tools

03m 50s

Chapter: Perspective Rulers

One Point Perspective Ruler

07m 46s

Two Point Perspective Ruler

02m 45s

Three Point Perspective Ruler

03m 59s

Chapter: 3D Objects

Adding 3D Objects from the Materials Library

03m 43s

Manipulating 3D Objects

05m 59s

Manipulating the 3D Camera

02m 39s

Using Preset Poses and Saving Custom Poses to the Materials Library

03m 20s

Customizing Characters

04m 19s