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Table of Contents

Chapter: Knowing Your Data

The Course Overview

03m 38s

Importing Data from CSV

04m 32s

Importing Data from Microsoft Excel Files

04m 45s

Importing Data from Fix-Width Files

03m 5s

Importing Data from Tab Delimited Files

02m 23s

Importing Data from a JSON Resource

05m 17s

Importing Data from a Database

05m 8s

Cleaning Up Data from Outliers

05m 54s

Importing Image Data into NumPy Arrays

06m 1s

Generating Controlled Random Datasets

06m 36s

Smoothing Noise in Real-World Data

04m 45s

Chapter: Drawing Your First Plots and Customizing Them

Defining Plot Types and Drawing Sine and Cosine Plots

07m 53s

Defining Axis Lengths and Limits

05m 16s

Defining Plot Line Styles, Properties, and Format Strings

01m 58s

Setting Ticks, Labels, and Grids

02m 42s

Adding Legends and Annotations

02m 33s

Moving Spines to Center

01m 21s

Making Histograms

03m 59s

Making Bar Charts with Error Bars

03m 23s

Making Pie Charts Count

01m 58s

Plotting with Filled Areas

01m 56s

Drawing Scatter Plots with Colored Markers

02m 13s

Chapter: More Plots and Customizations

Adding a Shadow to the Chart Line

03m 55s

Adding a Data Table to the Figure

02m 26s

Using Subplots

03m 57s

Customizing Grids

03m 5s

Creating Contour Plots

03m 24s

Filling an Under-Plot Area

02m 1s

Drawing Polar Plots

02m 56s

Visualizing the filesystem Tree Using a Polar Bar

03m 2s

Chapter: Making 3D Visualizations

Creating 3D Bars

05m 32s

Creating 3D Histograms

03m 13s

Animating with OpenGL

06m 1s

Chapter: Plotting Charts with Images and Maps

Plotting with Images

06m 17s

Displaying Images with Other Plots in the Figure

03m 52s

Plotting Data on a Map Using Basemap

05m 22s

Generating CAPTCHA

06m 36s

Chapter: Using Right Plots to Understand Data

Understanding Logarithmic Plots

05m 19s

Creating a Stem Plot

04m 17s

Drawing Streamlines of Vector Flow

03m 27s

Using Colormaps

05m 16s

Using Scatter Plots and Histograms

04m 28s

Plotting the Cross Correlation Between Two Variables

03m 27s

The Importance of Autocorrelation

04m 11s

Chapter: More on matplotlib Gems

Drawing Barbs

06m 23s

Making a Box-and-Whisker Plot

03m 36s

Making Gantt Charts

03m 49s

Making Error Bars

04m 40s

Making Use of Text and Font Properties

03m 59s

Understanding the Difference between pyplot and OO API

05m 12s