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Table of Contents

Chapter: An Advanced Introduction to Flask

The Course Overview

04m 16s

A High-level Reintroduction into Flask

06m 24s

Dependency Isolation with virtualenv

02m 35s

Chapter: Accessing the Database

Connecting to the Database

03m 9s

Creating Models

03m 8s

Accessing Data

07m 2s

Creating and Querying One-to-Many Relationships

06m 28s

Creating and Querying Many-to-Many Relationships

08m 41s

Advanced Queries

07m 33s

Chapter: Advanced View Usage

Loops and Control Structures

11m 28s

Creating and Validating Forms with WTForms

06m 34s

Chapter: Restructuring an App with Blueprints

Creating Flask Blueprints

05m 11s

Restructuring Our Files

10m 6s

Chapter: Securing the App

Installing and Configuring Flask-Login

04m 15s

Handling Passwords with Flask Login

04m 13s

Creating Login and Registration Pages

08m 2s

Adding User Permissions

10m 4s

Chapter: Creating a REST API

What Is REST?

07m 25s

Using Flask-RESTful

15m 28s

Chapter: Creating an Admin Interface

Setting Up

04m 39s

Interfacing with Models

07m 36s

File Storage and Retrieval

04m 55s

Chapter: Extending Our App

Flask Debug Toolbar

04m 30s

Flask Cache

03m 51s

Flask Assets

08m 39s

Chapter: Asynchronous Programming with Celery

Installing and Understanding Celery

07m 0s

Writing Tasks in Celery

04m 49s

Periodic Tasks in Celery

08m 44s

Chapter: Testing Our App

What Is Unit Testing?

05m 53s

Testing Our Models

03m 58s

Testing URLs

04m 8s

Testing Code Coverage

02m 43s

Chapter: Deploying Our App

Preparing Dependencies for Deploying

06m 49s

Using a Simple VPS

13m 38s

Using Amazon Web Services

19m 51s

Using Heroku

10m 24s

Where Do I Go from Here?

04m 33s