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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setting Up Our Environment

The Course Overview

06m 14s

Installing Dart

02m 34s

Basic Dart Command-line Commands

03m 31s

Creating a Basic Web Application

03m 18s

Chapter: Basics of Our Dart Application

Creating DOM Interactions

03m 32s

Adding Some Styles to Our Web Application

02m 56s

Navigating Through Our MUD World

02m 58s

Chapter: Learning OOP in Dart

Creating Classes and Objects

03m 46s


03m 11s

Implementing a Library

03m 21s

Getters and Setters

03m 4s

Chapter: Advanced Dart Language Features

Factory Constructor

04m 18s

Optional Versus Formal Parameters

03m 48s

null-aware Operators

03m 3s


04m 12s

Chapter: Testing Our Code

Unit Testing

04m 33s

Browser Testing

03m 11s

Continuous Integration Tools for Dart

03m 45s

Chapter: Managing Our World

Setting Up a REST API

05m 47s

Adding Data to MongoDB

05m 3s

Client-side Request to Our API

06m 0s

Chapter: Browser Features

Using localstorage

04m 56s

Adding Sound

03m 9s

Saving a Game into a File

03m 11s

Loading a Game File

04m 5s

Chapter: Using a Frontend Framework

Introduction to Angular 2

05m 45s

Angular 2 Building Blocks

06m 13s

Chapter: Troubleshooting and References


04m 41s


04m 18s