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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setting the Scene and Using CocoaPods for Dependency Management

The Course Overview

04m 10s

Reviewing the Project Code

03m 14s

Installing CocoaPods

03m 19s

Reviewing Pods

03m 29s

Creating a Podfile to Manage Dependencies

04m 19s

Using SDWebImage for Lazy Image Loading

03m 33s

Chapter: Using Animations to Bring Your App to Life

Animating Our Views with UIView

05m 57s

Working with CALayer

03m 27s

Animating with CABasicAnimation

03m 37s

Creating Our Logo in CAShapeLayer

06m 11s

Chapter: Using Core Data to Persist Your Data

Understanding Core Data Terminology

08m 58s

Creating Entities and Attributes in the Core Data Editor

05m 52s

Saving Data

06m 14s

Retrieving Data Using NSFetchedResultsController

06m 37s

Updating Data

06m 4s

Deleting Data

02m 39s

Updating the Database

03m 36s

Chapter: Implementing Core Location and MapKit

Implementing Core Location to Receive Your users’ Location Updates

04m 40s

Creating a MapView and Centering on Their Position

06m 35s

Creating Map Annotations to Display Your Data

05m 54s

Working with MapView Delegate Methods

07m 53s

Chapter: Creating a WatchOS 2 Application

Adding a Watch Target

02m 52s

Working with the Interface Builder

04m 41s

Making Use of App Groups

03m 56s

Working with WCSession

07m 9s

Navigating Through the App

04m 36s

Implementing a Complication

07m 57s

Chapter: Testing Your Application

Introducing Unit Tests

03m 13s

Setting Up and Tearing Down Tests

03m 36s

Using XCAssert to Validate Code

05m 37s

Looking at Code Coverage Reports

02m 40s

Using Xcode to Record UI Tests

02m 44s

Chapter: Preparing your App for Submission

Creating a Distribution Certificate

05m 3s

Setting Up the App in iTunes Connect

01m 46s

Archiving the App and Uploading It to iTunes Connect

03m 8s