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Table of Contents

Chapter: Python Basics

The Course Overview and Installing Python

06m 14s

Setting Up a Programming Environment

06m 46s


05m 29s

Introduction to Types

06m 3s

Basic Operators

05m 52s

Chapter: String Manipulation

Introduction to Strings

06m 25s

String Functions

06m 42s

Advanced String Manipulation

05m 22s

String Formatting

08m 17s

User Input

05m 18s

Chapter: Lists

Introduction to Lists

06m 24s

List Methods

04m 51s

Advanced List Methods

05m 40s

Built-in List Functions

04m 25s

2D Arrays and Array References

07m 44s

List Slicing

05m 46s

Chapter: Conditionals

Control Flow

05m 45s

Comparison Operators

04m 44s

Else and Elif

06m 43s

and, or, and not

06m 9s

Conditional Examples

05m 22s

Mini Program

07m 44s

Chapter: Loops and Iterables

For Loop

07m 25s

While Loop

06m 44s


04m 52s

Loops and Conditionals

05m 0s

Prime Number Checker

06m 55s

Chapter: Functions

Function Basics

05m 29s

Parameters and Arguments

06m 57s

Return Versus Void Functions

03m 33s

Working with Examples

08m 29s

Advanced Examples

06m 46s


04m 26s

Recursion Examples

09m 10s

Chapter: Modules

Import, as, and from

04m 42s

Python API and Modules

06m 47s

Creating Modules

04m 59s

Modules and Testing

05m 28s

Chapter: Python and Picture Manipulation

Installing PIL/Pillow

06m 28s

Basics of Using PIL/Pillow

06m 25s

Picture Manipulations

06m 29s

Custom Picture Manipulation

06m 20s

Wrapping Up

03m 3s