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Table of Contents

Chapter: A Weather Forecast Widget with Angular 2

The Course Overview

03m 43s

Using Modules

03m 24s

Setting Up the Project

08m 30s

Creating the First Component

06m 2s

Adding Conditions to the Template and Using the Component in Other Components

03m 41s

Showing a Forecast and Creating the Forecast Component

10m 17s

The Main Component

04m 28s

Chapter: Real-Time Chat

Setting Up the Project

03m 53s

Getting Started with React

05m 40s

Writing the Server

07m 24s

Connecting to the Server

03m 26s

Creating the Chat Room and Comparing React and Angular

04m 17s

Chapter: Spreadsheet Applications with Functional Programming

Setting Up the Project

02m 2s

Functional Programming

02m 59s

Using Data Types for Expressions

07m 18s

Writing Unit Tests

02m 17s

Parsing an Expression

09m 43s

Defining the Sheet

03m 30s

Using the Flux Architecture

03m 45s

Creating Actions

06m 46s

Writing the View

07m 53s

Chapter: Pac Man in HTML5

Setting Up the Project

03m 15s

Using the HTML5 Canvas

03m 14s

Designing the Framework

08m 35s

Drawing on the Canvas and Adding Utility Functions

03m 19s

Creating the Models

08m 2s

Drawing the View

02m 50s

Handling Events and Creating the Time Handler

06m 1s

Running the Game and Adding a Menu

05m 9s