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Table of Contents

Chapter: Meet Tkinter

The Course Overview

04m 21s

Installing Python and Tkinter

04m 4s

Importing Tkinter

01m 52s

GUI Programming – the Big Picture

01m 57s

The Root Window – Your Drawing Board

02m 27s

Widgets – the Building Blocks of GUI Programs

08m 46s

The Tkinter Geometry Manager

13m 55s

Event and Callbacks – Adding Life to Programs

10m 1s

Handling Widgets – Specific Variables

01m 55s

Event Unbinding and Virtual Events

01m 32s

Platform-Based Styling for Our Widgets

05m 4s

Some Common Root Window Options

04m 9s

Chapter: Making a Text Editor

Setting Up the Editor Skeleton

03m 36s

Adding a Menu and Menu Items

07m 32s

Implementing the View Menu

02m 27s

Adding a Built-in Functionality

05m 56s

Indexing and Tagging

05m 25s

Implementing the Select All Feature

01m 31s

Implementing the Find Text Feature

05m 45s

Types of Top Level Windows

02m 1s

Working with Forms and Dialogs

07m 48s

Working with Message Boxes

03m 17s

The Icons Toolbar and View Menu Functions

02m 36s

Displaying the Line Number

06m 14s

Adding the Cursor Information Bar

01m 31s

Adding Themes

02m 2s

Creating the Context/Pop-Up Menu

02m 36s

Chapter: Programmable Drum Machine

Module Requirements for Programmable Drum Machine

03m 34s

Setting Up the GUI in OOP

02m 22s

Finalizing the Data Structure

02m 52s

Creating Broader Visual Elements

09m 8s

Loading Drum Samples

03m 8s

Playing the Drum Machine

05m 54s

Tkinter and Threading

05m 10s

Support for Multiple Beat Patterns

02m 21s

Saving Beat Patterns

06m 4s

Working with the ttk-themed Widgets

09m 54s

Chapter: A Game of Chess

Structuring Our Program

09m 31s

Modeling the Data Structures

04m 25s

Creating a Piece Class

13m 54s

Making the Game Functional

07m 25s

Managing User Preferences

05m 19s

Chapter: Building an Audio Player

External Library Requirements

03m 49s

Program Structure and Broadview Skeleton

05m 27s

Deciding the Data Structure and Creating the Player class

03m 59s

Adding and Removing Items from a Playlist

03m 58s

Playing Audio and Adding Audio Controls

04m 21s

Creating a Seek Bar

04m 32s

One-Time Updates during audio playback

02m 17s

Managing Continuous Updates

02m 28s

Looping Over Tracks

02m 32s

Adding a Tooltip

03m 45s

Chapter: Paint Application

Creating a Tiny Framework

07m 19s

Setting Up a Broad GUI Structure

01m 44s

Dealing with Mouse Events

01m 58s

Adding Toolbar Buttons

03m 44s

Drawing Items on the Canvas

07m 34s

Adding a Color Palette

02m 50s

Adding Top Bar Options for Draw Methods

04m 2s

Drawing Irregular Lines and Super Shapes

04m 10s

Adding Functionality to the Remaining Buttons

05m 59s

Adding Functionality to Menu Items

03m 24s