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Table of Contents

Chapter: Installation and Setup

The Course Overview

03m 30s

Installing QGIS and Python

04m 22s

Chapter: The QGIS System

Introduction to QGIS

07m 10s

Using Python with QGIS

08m 6s

Using the Python Console as a Window into the QGIS Environment

07m 17s

Examining a Python Plugin

07m 18s

Using the QGIS Python API within an External Application

06m 57s

Chapter: The QGIS Python Console

Using the Console

07m 58s

Working with Geospatial Data in the Console

06m 30s

Scripting the QGIS User Interface

09m 42s

Chapter: Understanding the PyQGIS Library

Discovering the QGIS Python API

08m 32s

Important Core Classes

12m 17s

Important GUI Classes

07m 0s

Chapter: Using the PyQGIS Library

Analyzing Raster Data

07m 39s

Manipulating and Saving Vector Data

09m 37s

Using Different Symbols for Different Features

05m 11s

Calculating the Distance between Two Points

05m 31s

Chapter: Creating QGIS Plugins

Creating a Simple Plugin

09m 40s

The Plugin Development Process

09m 3s

Distributing Plugins

12m 25s

Writing a Useful Plugin

10m 55s

Possibilities and Limitations of Plugins

04m 40s

Chapter: Using QGIS in an External Application

Designing a Turnkey Mapping Application

07m 1s

Creating the Lex Application

09m 57s

Drawing the Map

05m 56s

Implementing Panning and Zooming

08m 52s

Implementing "Explore" Mode

04m 39s

Possibilities and Limitations of External Applications

04m 58s