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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


03m 1s

Chapter: JVM Languages

JVM Languages

14m 45s

Concurrent Programming and Functional Languages

14m 26s

Functional Programming – What is It?

14m 55s

Scala Success Stories – Akka, Spark, and Play Framework

14m 5s

Scala Success Stories – Akka, Spark, and Play Framework Continued

09m 18s

Chapter: Scala Development Environments

Set Up a Scala Development Environment

14m 54s

Scala IDE – Scala Worksheet and Sbt Console REPL

15m 10s

Scala IDE – Set Up a Scala Development Environment with Gradle

15m 3s

Scala Application Packaging – Create a Simple Microservice with Scala

15m 17s

Chapter: Scala Syntax and Semantics

Scala as a Strong Statically Typed Language

15m 28s

Scala as an Object-Oriented Language

15m 14s

Scala as a Functional Language

15m 4s

Chapter: Scala Functions with Collections

Working with Scala Collections: Lists, Sets, Maps, and Streams

15m 9s

Working with Scala Higher Order Types – Map, Reduce, Aggregate, and Group

15m 0s

Working with Scala FunctionN Types – Closures, Scope, and Syntax

15m 14s

Chapter: Concurrent Scala

Java Memory Model and Scala Concurrency

15m 40s

How Scala Extends Java Concurrency

15m 33s

Functional Reactive Programming with Scala

15m 16s

Chapter: Scala Application Example Use Cases

Practical Example 1 – Scala MicroService with Akka

15m 8s

Practical Example 2 – Scala Machine Learning Apache Spark

15m 33s

Practical Example 3 – Scaling Deployment with Scala Concurrency

15m 23s

Chapter: Summary


02m 14s