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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


03m 24s

Chapter: Getting Started with Angular 2

Section Intro

01m 13s

What is Angular

07m 55s

New In Angular 2

09m 11s

Install Node.js, NPM and Git

04m 57s

Using the Quickstart – Part A

05m 13s

Using the Quickstart – Part B

05m 22s

Chapter: Working With Components

Section Intro

00m 56s

Intro to Components

09m 11s

Creating A Component

07m 46s

Data Binding – Part A

05m 21s

Data Binding – Part B

10m 47s

Chapter: Templates, Events, and Services

Section Intro

00m 51s

Built In Directives

11m 55s

User Input and Events

12m 33s

Create A Service

10m 5s

Dependency Injection

11m 8s

Chapter: Forms, Pipes and Routing

Section Intro

00m 44s


13m 5s

Form Controls

16m 57s

FormBuilder and Validation

16m 18s

Angular 2 Router

10m 55s

Chapter: Observables and Asynchronous Data

Section Intro

01m 0s

Intro To Observables

07m 49s

Observables and HTTP

06m 55s

Using The HTTP Module

08m 52s

Returing Observables From A Service

10m 38s

Lifecycle Methods and Loader

13m 1s

Chapter: Customer Manager Application

Project Intro

02m 45s

File Structure and Firebase Setup

10m 7s

Component Structure and Imports

10m 22s

Creating Our Routes

10m 35s

UI Design With W3

11m 13s

Adding To Firebase – Part A

15m 27s

Adding To Firebase – Part B

06m 13s

Displaying Data – Part A

16m 57s

Displaying Data – Part B

11m 4s

Client Details and Delete Functionality

12m 13s

Edit Groups and Clients

12m 15s

Filter Pipe

05m 8s

Chapter: Course Summary


02m 3s