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Table of Contents

Chapter: Why choose C# and Visual Studio Community

Why C# matters, and what can be done with it

01m 36s

Why Visual Studio, and confirming it can be installed

02m 10s

Downloading and installing Visual Studio Community 2015

01m 24s

Chapter: Learning the fundamentals of programming in C#

Creating, understanding, and running a simple program

07m 21s

Printing one line of output to a console window

06m 19s

Understanding the relationship between namespaces, classes, and methods

03m 37s

Understanding code better through tool tips

04m 37s

Writing less code by changing the using statement

03m 47s

Accessing project files

03m 19s

Things change. How can changing or unknown quantities be represented in C#?

06m 26s

Carefully tracking variable values with the debugger

05m 39s

Describing objects in the world with different data types

06m 15s

Some useful key combinations to make working in Visual Studio easier

03m 25s

Finding the definition of various code components inside Visual Studio

03m 5s

Producing useful output through simple calculations

07m 31s

Doing calculations inside WriteLine

03m 4s

Chapter: Doing slightly more sophisticated C#

Understanding the results of division using the slash symbol

04m 58s

Seeing the difference in division between % and /

05m 42s

Using C# in a realistic program

06m 8s

Typing less code by using compound operators

05m 57s

Understanding how to add 1 to a variable before and after it's used

05m 6s

Representing quantities that never change

06m 40s

Understanding the life cycle of variables

05m 53s

Formatting output so it looks more professional

04m 8s

Using the var keyword to make coding easier

04m 57s

Chapter: Collecting and operating on input

Making a program that can collect input and produce output

06m 25s

Making a program that can collect numerical input and produce numerical output

06m 6s

Writing more compact code with method nesting

06m 3s

Processing input sequentially using method chaining

04m 30s

Understanding why it's necessary to convert between data types

06m 17s

Chapter: Conclusion

Where to go from here to grow your skills

01m 11s