First Careful Steps Towards Success In C#
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Final Release Date: September 2016
Run time: 2 hours 29 minutes

A carefully designed blend of videos and presentations that will get you up and running with C# in no time at all.

About This Video

  • All the first steps to becoming a programmer in C# for the first time
  • The key concepts behind programming and how to use them in C#
  • Learn how to create a console application project in Visual Studio Community 2015
  • Never feel uncertain about the values of variables as a program runs
  • Use all you’ve learnt to create an interesting program in C#

In Detail

C# has been and remains one of the most popular, and most powerful programming languages to learn, mainly due to it’s vast implementations in enterprise applications via .NET as well as game programming with the Unity Engine.

Created for you as a series of short videos of about 6 minutes each, this course will begin from scratch with C#, showing you how to install and setup the environment in which you will code. Then you’ll get to write your very first program in C#, whereby you’ll learn every component of the code you’ve just written. It will gently walk you through the syntax of C#, taking the time to explain in detail the what’s and how’s of what actually goes on through the program.

Once you’re comfortable with the basics, it will gradually take you up the learning curve by explaining slightly more advanced concepts that ultimately apply to other programming languages as well. With this course, you will be able confident enough to experiment and write your own programs in C#.

At the end, you’ll get a high level overview of how you can grow your skills in C# and how you can use them to advance in your career.

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